Bielefelder Kennhuhn Day Old Chick – Pullet


Bielefelders have it all- They are autosexing, grow fast and large, and lay huge brown eggs.


We raise the Bielefelder Kennhuhn, this is the original Crele color. Bielefelders are auto sexing, meaning the sex can be determined at hatching. Cockerels, or juvenile roosters, can be identified at hatching by the white spot on their head. Pullets, or juvenile hens, can be identified by the lack of head spot and darker “eye liner”.

Our Bielefelders are not flighty and have wonderful, friendly, personalities.

Pick Up Date

Saturday 2024-03-24, Saturday 2024-03-30, Saturday 2024-04-06, Saturday 2024-04-20, Saturday 2024-05-04, Saturday 2024-05-18, Saturday 2024-06-01, Saturday 2024-06-15, Saturday 2024-06-29, Saturday 2024-07-06, Saturday 2024-07-20, Saturday 2024-08-03, Saturday 2024-08-17, Saturday 2024-08-31, Saturday 2024-09-07, Saturday 2024-09-21, Saturday 2024-10-05, Saturday 2024-10-19

Egg Size

Large to Jumbo

Egg Color


Typical Rooster Weight

12 lbs.

Typical Hen Weight

8 lbs

Approx. Eggs Per Year




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